Tuesday, 17 January 2012

SP - Performance Footage

Today we have filmed some performance footage during our Rec and Lesuire periods at school. This gave us 2nd and 3rd period as well as lunchtime to film these shots of the band and upload it on to our MAC at school. We are using the band Ice Cream For Activists and we managed to use three of them to appear in our music video. We went to one of the band members house and filmed in their garage even though this was not our preffered location. We still decided to give it a try and see if the setting did actually work but also what shots did and didnt work.

Unfortunately it didnt really go to plan as when we got their we realised that they hadnt actually learnt the song like they told us they had. However because we had all made the effort to get cameras and tripods we still decided to ahead and try out some shots. In the end we got quite alot of footage that we thought would be ok as a trial run of performance. When we uploaded it and watched it through we realised we had enountered some major problems. Because the band didnt know how to play the song they were out of time and it was quite obvious in some places that they couldnt play it. Another problem was lighting and becasue it was in a garage with no windows there was only light coming in through the door and a few heating lights. The biggest problem we found as a group was that the band we had chosen didnt really looked interested and that was very apparent. At points throughout the footage there were random band members in the background not playing their instruments and just generally messing around so it just didnt look very proffessional.

The action we have taken since this disappointing shoot is to reconsider which band we are going to use for our performance footage. We are researching in to the possibility of using some of our friends who we know for definate can play Bliss by Muse. We are also looking in to our preffered location which is P Hall at Ilkley Grammar School but we still need permission from the teacher who uses it for Drama/Theatre Studies. It is a much better location as it has a black curtain that we could pull around the band setup, it has specific and high quality lighting for Drama/Theatre performance and it is exremely spacious so we can long shots as well as close ups.

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