Friday, 6 January 2012

RS - Digipak Research - Kiss - Sonic Boom

  • Album name is the largest text on the front
  • Kiss logo at the top and central in the typical font
  • Each band member is featured on the front 
  • Stickers highlighting that it is a special edition CD with bonus features to appeal to fans
  • Multiple layers are used
  • Cartoon type feel to it
  • The portrates have been manipulated to have cartoon effects
  •  Back replicates the front
  • Same layout but with the album name smaller and moved upwards
  • Track listings
  • Bonus features below 
  • Barcode
  • Kiss logo featured
  • Record Label logo
  • DVD logo
  • Band + Record label url's
  • Small print with the copyright
  • Bonus DVD "live in Buenos Aires"
  • Produced + Co Produced located in the middle
  • Very large images of the band members
  • Gives their names + what instrument they play
  • Goes with the typical theme of the digipak with the circle design effect

  •  CD cover has the same effect as the cover and the album title with the same font
  • Plastic holder for the CD

  •  Special Edition CD + DVD right at the back of the digipak
  • Held in cardboard holders
  • Only half covered so you can see they are seperate from the actual album
  • Typical Kiss font on them but with altered colours

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