Friday, 6 January 2012

RS - Digipak Deconstruction - The Beatles - Love

  • Album name larger than the artist name and in very bold font
  • All of the band members silhouettes are around the album name
  • Very bright colours
  • Multiple Layers
  • Artist name above the album name and not central, slightly to the left
  • Stripes/bands in the bottom right and on the left

  • No tracklisting at all
  • Very large space just with the album artwork continuing the same theme
  • Band url the largest font on the back
  • Small print for copyright
  • DVD logo
  • Record Label logo
  • Not much at all on the back
  • Not very helpful to the audience if they want to see what is featured on the cd

  • Theme relates to the exterior
  • Silhouettes of the band members again, still linking to the exterior
  • Artwork on both panels before you open them up

  • Tracklisting for the digipak located inside and on the left panel
  • Lyrics sheet inside of the left panel
  • Continues with the style and layout again throughout
  • CD continues the layout with the silhouettes and the same colours
  • Plastic Holder for the CD
  • Continuous colour scheme and themes with the silhouettes etc and the circles/bands throughout making a bright but rather boring digipak as it is all the same

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